not so pointless

I get so busy. Or at least, I feel busy. But then I look back over my day and think, ‘what did I do?’ It is very easy to feel like my life is mundane. Sure, on an up day I am able to intentionally “Do ordinary things with extraordinary love” as Mother Theresa said. But there are many times when I wish that I could be…cooler. Being a missionary in Africa. Having a career. Doing something that really changes the world.
But what if little things that I do every day actually are important? What if thinking intentionally about the way we live our life right in a Cleveland suburb can have an effect on the way that our neighbors (both literal and figurative) think about themselves, their neighbors, their children, the planet…etc. etc.
What if, by being who God made me to be, I can bring out the best in other people? What if I can help them be more who God made them to be?
What if they can help me too? I could be much better at observing and learning from the people around me. I am surrounded by people who are living out the truth in amazing ways. Maybe it really is important to discover the truth other people hold so that we can bring out the best in each other.

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