My Dad…

…is very intelligent.
…is “funny” in almost exactly the same way as my husband. I must enjoy this on some level to have sought out someone else’s jokes to pretend not to laugh at.
…is considerate. He would never intentionally do or say anything to hurt anyone’s feelings.
…is a very hard worker.
…is huge. I mean 6′ 6″ and strong. I didn’t date much in high school.
…could talk for hours with a random person at Home Depot.
…is openminded. We have started to have some great discussions in the past few years.
…is capable. If something in my house or my car breaks I usually call him first to find out what to do (so do some of my friends, and lots of other people).
…comes up with great nicknames. He called me ‘Halfling’ for the first half of my life.
…loves Lord of the Rings (obviously).
…is very caring and has always been so supportive of and patient with me.
…is loved!


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