On the Bright Side…

In ancient Hebrew poetry if you use the phrase “There are six things that…seven that…” it indicates an incomplete list.

So…there are nine things that I am thankful for;

ten things that make me smile.

My husband.

My cute daughter.

Hearing aforementioned daughter noisily having fun; and not being responsible for her because I am lying in bed upstairs.

My mom visiting, taking care of me, listening to me, and just being overall great.

My bathtub.

Mint flavored ice cream.

My grain mill.

My sewing machine.


Gardening (even though I am terrible at it).

Cooking for people and having them love what I made for them.

Tenacious plants that are able to grow in the cracks in the sidewalk.

When my daughter says, “I love you mommy,” and still uses the sign language word we taught her before she could talk.

The way she used to say, “I Yove Lou.”

The ability to laugh.

The ability to cry.

The freedom to make mistakes.

My friends who love me and support me in countless ways.

The love that is infused into every part of my life, whether I see it or not.

2 thoughts on “On the Bright Side…

  1. I like the new format of the blog! Finally got a free moment to visit it again. The meaning/patterns in Hebrew numbers was something I had to study in one of my OT Survey classes. I found it fascinating! I love looking through Psalms now with all of these analytical tools… yes, my science side still lives strong and healthy. Love you and miss you a lot!


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