I am the asparagus of friends

I’m not for everyone.

Some people are super sad when they see me on their plate.

I’m extremely nourishing (some would even say “alkalizing” or “medicinal”) and offer many important nutrients.

Some people consider me a laxative…if there is crap between us you can believe I’ll get it out there.

But the people who love me really do love me and are very happy when I come around.

I am the asparagus of friends.

2 thoughts on “I am the asparagus of friends

  1. I like asparagus! a lot. I have some frozen in my freezer right now. I do not have you frozen in my freezer right now. That would be weird. But I do like you a lot, too!! But you don’t make my pee smell weird. That’s a good thing. A really good thing. 🙂


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