Tamara Taylor, I think I love you. (Bones takes on racism for a second).

Dr. Saroyan addresses structural racism and classism in America in a quick Bones Clip. UPDATE: I had the clip but it expired on Hulu so is no longer available. Sorry about that. Here’s what they said:

Brennan: Our victim was a member of the lower caste.

Daisy: (matter of factly) We don’t have castes in America.

Dr. Saroyan: Wow. Would you care to look me in the face and say that?

Clever little moments like this are what make me like this show so much. Coming from a Daisy Wick sort of a background (that is, not intentionally racist, but very naive, and completely unaware of unfairness and inequal opportunities that people have in my country), I really liked this a whole lot, and I feel like people who grew up in similar ways need to hear this.

Daisy Wick-style cluelessness is understandable (people can’t help where they are born and how they grow up) but I think a lot more of us need to be talking about this because (as I found out eventually) this sort of cluelessness only makes the problem worse. And at some point we must choose whether or not we will stay ignorant.



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