Five Year Old Girl

Five Years.

Five years since the rushing and the exhilaration, five years since the earth shattering and the fear. Five years since the cutting and the crying and the meeting and the loving and the thanking.

How has it been?

It’s been lots of ways. Mostly lovely. Always worth it.

You are exactly what you should be. You are exactly what I need you to be. I try -so hard- to be what you need me to be. Learning to be a mother has been so much more than I could ever have anticipated. But you have helped me. Through your cries I was able to learn very clearly early on what not to do. Even before you could talk you were always great at telling me if something was off, or if you needed something. We are still in this together. There is a lovely push and pull in our relationship because everything we do flows from the fact that we pray each morning that we would be able to do God’s words with each other; that we would be generous and kind and loving.

Thank you, little one, for making me a mother. I know it isn’t easy work. But we do it together, and it is the great honor of my life.

Here’s a smattering of photos that made me smile, little girl. I love you!

Well Helloo there!Well helloo there!

You and meNo, really, I think this morphine is making me….what was I saying? Cute baby.

Elizabeth and her DavesElizabeth and her Daves

We used to call this the - ahem- "boob nap". You liked it.

our new family

with Great Grandma Della

Why yes, that is you, at a ren faire, playing a drum at five months.


I two


Family HalloweenYeah….I’m not saying you’ll DEFINITELY be a nerd, but there are times when it does seem likely…

tiny proud mama


Just the two of us...




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