Ten Years

Ten years ago today, I met the cutest boy on the steps of the Ohio Union.

We are not the type of couple to remember every anniversary of every first in our relationship. But we have known each other for a decade.

It sounds important when you put it that way, and it feels like a milestone, but a decade isn’t that long, really. And yet, so much has happened. The steps where we met are not even there any more; torn down to make way for the new and improved student union.

Recitals and graduations and movie nights and lots of farting.

Meeting new friends and learning from them.


Moving away. Ducks.

Engagements that happen awkwardly, but still happen. At least I didn’t fart that time…

Planning a wedding that will please the most family members but still be relaxed and fun.

Coming to Cleveland.

Finding and beginning to build our community here.

Learning what it means to live the life of Jesus as a couple here in Cleveland Heights.

Playing board games for entire days at a time.

Having a baby.

Learning how to be parents.

Realizing that being parents colors the way we do everything else. Not for better or for worse, but the lenses we use to view every relationship have been forever altered.

Drinking wine and watching a movie on the couch.

Having another baby.

Playing board games for entire minutes at a time.

Trying to meet one another’s needs as best we can, and protect each other’s emotional health.

“But if life were only moments, then you’d never know you’d had one.”

Kate Fozz 3


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