Homemade Mondays: Jodie’s Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake

My friend Jodie surprised me with this cake for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was super delicious, so I asked her to share her recipe here. Thanks for guest posting, Jodie!


Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake

This recipe was adapted from a recipe I found online at Food52.com. I have made this cake 4 times now, and have found what I believe to be the winning combination. Really, it is hard to go wrong eating anything covered in chocolate ganache. I am not a vegan, but I eat and cook a lot of vegan food. My family, especially my mom, is hard on me when it comes to yummy baked goods. I have been accused of not making my sweets with enough butter and sugar. But this cake got rave reviews, and my mom ASKED me to make it for a holiday party. She doesn’t know it’s vegan. This is my claim to fame and super sweet victory.

350 / 10″ springform pan (lightly greased) {the original recipe calls for 8″ or 9″ which will change the baking time and thickness of cake. I used what I had, but liked it better because I also added more layers of filling and the wider, thinner cake worked well for that}
Wet Ingredients:
– 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar added to 2 c. almond milk (or other nondairy milk) and mix until frothy
– 2/3 c. olive oil
– 2 tsp vanilla extract
– 1 3/4 c. granulated sugar (mix until dissolved)
Dry Ingredients:
– 3 c. All Purpose flour
– 2/3 c. cocoa powder (sifted)
– 2 tsp baking soda
– 3/4 tsp sea salt, or 1 tsp table salt
Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients in three batches until just combined. Mix with a spatula or a mixer on low setting. Pour batter into the two pans and bake for 25 min. or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let it cool until it can be easily removed from the pan. Let the cake cool completely before filling and frosting.
– 12 ounces of semi-sweet vegan chocolate chips
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 1 c. coconut milk
– 4 tbsp maple syrup
– pinch of salt
In a bowl add chocolate chips and vanilla. Set aside. On the stove top in a small pot add coconut milk, maple syrup, and salt over medium heat. Warm until it comes to a gentle boil. Take off heat and immediately pour over chocolate chips. Mix with a spoon until ganache is glossy and smooth. Let it cool to room temperature. (If I am in a rush, I have put it in the freezer to chill it faster. If you do this, don’t forget about it – it hardens fast!)
– 15 oz can of pumpkin puree
– 1/2 c. cocoa powder (sifted)
– 1/2 c. maple syrup
– 1/4 c. plus 1 tbsp almond butter
–  1/2 tsp of sea salt, or 3/4 tsp table salt
–  1 tsp vanilla extract
– {1 c. chocolate ganache to be added when it reaches room temperature}
Mix all ingredients except the ganache in a food processor or with a hand mixer until smooth. Put in the fridge so it can set some and the flavors can come together. If you are a finger dipper, and you know you are, don’t judge this filling until it has had a chance to set and after the ganache has been added.) Once the ganache as room temp., take the filling out of the fridge and add 1 c. of the ganache. Process until smooth.
Time to layer!!
bottom cake, filling, top cake, ganache all over top and sides. (you may have extra filling left over to dip graham crackers in, depending how thick you make it)
bottom cake, filling, ganache, top cake, filling, ganache over top and sides (there will be no left over filling and you may find you need to make another batch of ganache)
Set the cake in the fridge to set. Bring to room temp to serve. Store in the fridge.
Enjoy the best chocolate cake ever!


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